Investment of money for the successful retirement plan

Investment of money for the successful retirement plan

Investment funds:

Investment funds have become one of the instruments most used by citizens to save. Its flexibility, liquidity and attractive taxation are important elements for any investor seeking profitability for their savings. In addition, an investment fund can be jointly subscribed by as many people as they wish, and although it is a liquid instrument, it is also useful to save with a view to our retirement, as long as we are constant and avoid temptations to take our money out ahead of time.

Life insurances:

 Medicare Supplement Plans 2019Although technically it is not a product designed for retirement, elderly should hire two life insurance whose beneficiaries are, in each case, each of the spouses, protects the family in case of any of the contingencies provided in the contract. The insured capital in the insurance will help us if these unforeseen events arise.

Investments in companies:

Shares and participation in limited liability companies, respectively, have traditionally been one of the most common investment vehicles to save by the person above 65 years of age.

Investment in real estate:

Habitually, housing is the long-term savings instrument preferred by an older individual. Despite the fact that, with the bursting of the housing bubble and the subsequent economic crisis, the investment in real estate has lost steam, the fall in the price of housing in some regions makes the real estate an investment alternative in couple increasingly interesting.

The drawback is that, unlike the previous savings and investment instruments, real estate requires a very high initial investment, which in most cases requires financing the purchase of the home through a mortgage loan. However, the high price of many rentals means that the profitability of this instrument is higher than that of many others.

Older individuals should always keep a portion of their retirement investments in safe alternatives. The primary goal of any safe investment is to protect what the elderly have rather than generate a high level of current income.


An elderly person can also make an investment by purchasing the gold coins or bars with the pension amount. The value of gold is never getting depressed.


All the retirees have some a reserve account (an emergency fund). This account should not be included as an asset available to produce retirement income. Elderly should also purchase some of the medical for themselves, such as Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 from  as there are high chances of sickness.